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At BodyLink we use the Neurological Integration System to assess and treat the underlying CAUSE of your symptoms and complaints. We treat everyone from birth to older adults, as this treatment is non-invasive, stress and pain free. Here at BodyLink, we are committed to providing holistic, individualized care that is suited to your needs, to enable you to see the results you need for improved health and quality of life.

By using the Neurological Integration System (NIS), we apply the principles of neuroscience to address what is causing your symptoms of pain or ill-health. This approach is offering hope and a solution for health complaints that have long been considered “hopeless”.

Furthermore, we offer full diagnostic assessments and an intervention programme for children and adolescents who have either been diagnosed with a specific learning difficulty or who are under-achieving, despite good levels of ability and intelligence. Click here to find out more about INPP.